You know Macs are different.

Shouldn't your Internet service provider know that too?

Planeteria does.

Planeteria specializes in Internet services for Macintosh users. We provide Internet access via modem, DSL or T-1 in the San Francisco Bay Area and Macintosh-based hosting services for customers around the world.

Mac specialists.

The Mac makes a great Internet machine, and our goal is to help you get online with fewer hassles and with the right tools to suit your needs. You'll get the best solution for your Mac or Mac network -- not a one-size-fits-all "Mac" package from a company whose main business is connecting PCs.

Your own Internet presence.

Planeteria provides the tools you need to establish your own presence on the Internet. All accounts include disk space on our servers to build your own website, ftp archive, mailing lists, or other facilities. Use it for business or pleasure -- there are no restrictions on what you do with your site. And managing your site is easy. Because we use Macintosh servers, you can transfer files by dragging them into the appropriate folders, just as you do on your own hard disk. You don't need to use Unix commands or learn any new applications. We can also register your domain and provide domain name service so that you can use your own domain ( in your email address and web site address.

Fast connections.

Planeteria supports all modem speeds with local dialup numbers throughout California and a toll-free access line for travelers. DSL accounts range in speed from 640kbps for residential use to 6.0Mbps for business. We can help you choose the right connection for your situation.

Affordable rates.

Rates are $20/month per computer for modem connections and $50/month for residential DSL. Business DSL accounts start at $85/month. Hosting-only accounts start at $20/month and include website space, email, and domain name service.


Give us a call at (415) 974-5174 or email

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ICANN Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy

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